In skill.


In all my joy and excitement of taking picture, I completly forgot to take it out of manual (shutter speed).


that means all the indoor pictures as well as night-time (8pm and it was incredibly sunny there, so I didn’t think much of it..) photos are just a black mess. I wonder if photoshop can brighten them up enough to make things slightly visible.


As you can see, Santa isn’t really visible. If you look closely enough, you can see his outline and some features, but since you don’t really know where to look, it’s much more harder to spot. (It’s a picture of Santa on his sleigh going downwards at a 30-ish degree angle)

The picture about the building. The one on the steep hill side. It’s a dark picture now…even though it was quite bright outside when I took the picture.

At least the pictures of the signs were pretty ‘bright’ for this night-time photo.

It was still crazy bright though, gah. my crappy skills with the camera lead to this. Maybe I’ll just shoot on semi/fullĀ  auto next time. =w=”