Is your small Bavarian Getaway.

It’s 2 streets, Front street and Commercial street.

Two small streets, each with it’s own small stores.

No chain stores, just small stores.

This is what Germany is suppose to be like.

Small stores, tight community and no such thing as starbucks, just homebrewed coffee.

Thank god we stopped at starbucks ahead of time.

My first impression:

Whoa! Such old styled buildings! I love it! It’s way more entertaining and interesting then the current modern styled buildings we have at home. It’s quite… ‘homey’. It feels like home, unlike the modern ages, where it’s just business, business and more business.

Dear Lucien, I have a surprise picture for you. I’m sorry I couldn’t buy it, because i didn’t bring enough (only $8 LOL) so I’m hoping you’ll be satisfied with just a picture. Will upload soon.

Anyways, the place is so small. It literally took us under 3 hour to explore every store in the town. I bought a bag of salt water taffy (6 dollars out of my 8… T-T), and my mom bought a jar of blackberry jam. That’s literally all we bought.

There’s a store, Kris Kringl, that jumped in time by 7 months. Or behind by 5. You walk in, you travel through time.

Welcome, to Christmas.

Yes, that’s right. It’s a Christmas store.

When you walk in, you’re greeted with a huge Santa Clause hanging from the ceiling to greet you. The rest of the place, full of trees, decorations and elves. Freaky.

We went to dinner. Some German restaurant. Andreas Keller. That’s the name.

Wasn’t bad. The house special meal was…huge.

It didn’t look pretty or anything, just pure meat, some sour veggies on the side and some potatoes.

It was okay though. The meat was cooked well, but the skin.. oh god. It was beyond crispy. It was rock hard. Impossible to cut and almost impossible to chew. My teeth were literally hitting the ‘EMERGENCY” button every time I chewed. T’was a horrible experience. But the accordion player was amazing. Made it 20% less worse. But that 80% of horror was pretty bad.

But the worst had yet to come. The worst was eating with my parents.

Asian parents + Non-asian restaurant = recipe for uncontrolled chaos.

Ordering, eating, paying. Everything was chaotic. =\

Ordering food. Choosing, asking, questioning, re-asking, yelling, and lots of confusion. I feel that the server should get paid an extra tip just for having to deal with us.

Then asking about beer.

3 Different sized glasses for beer.

Pitcher, tall glass, and normal glass. None of that typical huge pitcher sized beer glasses. Those would be insane.

Tasted some dark German beer. Apparently should be sweeter and less bitter, but it still tastes as bitter as ever to me.

Oh right. There’s this girl with us too. It’s 3 families so yeah.

She’s a halfer. Half-German, half-Asian. I must say though. I do agree that she is cute. But eh, just reminds me generally of white brunettes. She’s 11 and about the same height as my mom. Grade 5 and about 160cm~. Holy crap. I must say, I thought she was like grade 7 at least, but oh boy was I wrong.

I don’t know her name yet. She doesn’t even look Asian. Maybe the German genes were dominant while the Asian genes became recessive? I don’t know. But her father and mother (the asian) divorced, and the girl stayed with her mom. Her mom then went on to marry again, and had another child, a son. The son’s around 3 years old now, and personally, quite bitchy.

Then again, all 3 year old kids are.

There’s another 3 year old with us.

I will call the one related to the girl as A, and the other as B.

A hits people. A&B are just playing together, then suddenly A walks up to B and literally slaps him in the face.


It sounded like it hurt. A lot.

B though, is just as annoying. Eating at a German restaurant, trying new food. But he doesn’t eat any of it. Because it doesn’t fit the criteria of asian food he has grow accustomed too. Geez. We ended up walking to the nearby gas station to buy instant noodles for him to eat. =w=”

But at least I go more time with the camera.

Oh that’s right.

This place is the epitome of amazing scenery. Well, only the mountain range version of it. The ‘lake’ is muddy, pond-like and barely bigger than the swimming pool the have out here. (Well to be fair, the swimming pool is pretty big. It’s the size of 3 normal pools.)

The buildings are 19th century styled. Maybe even older. I’m not a fan of architecture so I would have no idea. But it looks pretty nice. Though I only love Gothic styled buildings, those are amazing.

They have some pretty amazing architectural buildings here. There’s a hill that ascents about 3.5 meters, with a 75 degree slope.

They built a 6~ ( I can’t remember) story building on it.

Incredible, to say the least.

I took pictures to remind myself of this, though in the picture, it doesn’t look steep at all.

I realized how bad my skills are with the camera today. I hope to improve them by the time next year rolls around. And I’m pretty sure that next year we’ll go on a trip similar to this. States, 2 days, rushed, with people. During that time I’ll see if I’ve improved at all! Hopefully, I improve on scenery snapshots, because those are what I love the most. Then again, anything that looks nice + might be inspirational is an instant like in my books.

Sad aint it?

Well, tomorrow is shopping!

Finally, time to get those clothes that I’ve been meaning to.

No, I’m not suddenly interested in fashion, but it’s because of NSLC’s trip that requires me to have so many dress-shirts…. fml.

Though dress shirts aren’t that bad, they can look pretty nice if paired up right!

Anyways, 11:11! Time to sleep.