It looks….modern.

The old one with the rounded edges + shadows for that 3D effect was nice.

But the modern age now is all squares/rectangles.

Or just polygons in general. Mostly quadrilaterals (I needed firefox’s spellcheck for that…).

Modern age style has changed, now it’s all squares.

Being square is fashionable. Whoever came up with the phrase “Be there or be square”, had no idea what the future was like.

The future IS square.

For everyone reading too deep into this, just because

us = square

and square = bad.

Sure as hell does not mean we’re the shitty generation.

I’m not 100% sure of anything I’m saying, but I’m pretty damned sure whoever said that was not a frikin’ physic.
(anyone thinking that ‘not 100% sure’ is imposed on the ‘pretty damned sure’ to for ‘i’m not pretty damned sure’ needs to go out more.)

TOTALLY UNRELATED (okay it’s somewhat related)
GUNDAMS ARE POLYGONS! Does that mean they’re awesome?
Well, this is awesome!