yes. you can pronounce that.

So yeah. Whatever you read here, is not to be told to anyone who is mentioned in the following post.

Especially the important figure(s). So yeah.

I have english ( no kidding ! ) and we’re doing a analysis on some poetry. My group and I (HanChen, Jim et moi ) are doing the section about baseball. I have to say, we’re the least productive group. Hell, I doubt most of my group members can even tell what it’s talking about. Jim can do a bit, but most of what he’ll be saying is copied from the internet, because HIS poem (he decided the poems arbitrarily) is extremely popular and actually has something. The second one (The Old Fashioned Pitcher) is probably the worst poem I’ve read. Even the INTERNET says that it’s shit. This includes friends in Your Pants (never gets old) who are amazingly good at poetry analysis. So now I’m stuck wondering, why is Mrs. L. Arnold (lolhubbardinfluence) having us analysis this poem?

Then comes along a FACEBOOK message. Yes, FACEBOOK. Watching people resort to facebook messaging to collaborate on homework is by itself sad. Yes, facebook is an internationally popular social media website, but hell, if we have all of us on msn, all are on, all have each others e-mails and phone numbers, I honestly do not expect facebook. Especially from HanChen and Jim wait no what am I saying. Those two are addicted to facebook.


On to the main point.

I feel like a tool.


This is what Jim says: Hey guys, I want to make a script for all of us, but I don’t know what you want to say about your poems, so lets do it separately.

This isn’t bad at all. Jim’s actually not that bad ya’know. It’s mostly the other person…

Hanchen replies: I have no idea.

Which honestly, he usually does not; and when he does, it’s because he overheard some other group, or he’s rephrasing an already expressed idea.

10 hours later.

HanChen says: Hey can you guys make a script for me kay thanks bye.

I read this, and was immediately going to reply “No it’s easy you can do it yourself.” But then held back, and decided against replying. It was a waste of time. Han Chen, just because you’ve got a basketball game until 10, doesn’t mean you don’t do any work. Hell, the entire last class was just you telling me&jim to get off our asses and do some work.

You see class, this is extremely ironic because in the 30 minutes that he’s been ‘doing work’ (and I quote this from him), I see a brainstorm chart, with the following written on it.

Author. Title. Read poem. Answer question.

Surely someone who has spent 2 hours last night (again, QUOTE) on the internet searching for answers and printed them with it right in front of them does not write a total of 6 words and call it ‘work’. Hell I wrote all of the explanation, metaphor meanings, and some examples of literary devices in about 10 minutes. I filled basically his brainstorm, and then he goes to call me a slacker and he has done ‘everything’. Maybe it’s just him, because us Asians have small eyes (majority & yes I’m being racist now), that he can’t see the page full of blue ink in MY handwriting, but I was pretty pissed.

Then I thought back, back about 3~ weeks ago. Socials essay. It just started. He created a group called “socials topic 5”. Surely, the basis for this group was to share notes and resources, but anyone with any trace of ego (excluding Gavin, who if you must know was not part of the group) would not share their notes that did worked tirelessly for (i’m not saying I did. I’m saying that almost everyone else but me did). I didn’t care much for it, but then….

Everyone post your notes here!!!!!!!!

Holy crap. To me, that stuck out as a message. “Hey guys give me your notes now!”

Then to further incite my annoyance:

People please start puting your notes and stuff onto the Google Doc or this website!

And btw, it was separated by a total of 3 days. During which I was not even allowed to access the document to contribute if I even wanted to.

Side note, that document has absolutely nothing on it.

This entire thing might seem like a horribly biased negative opinion on someone, but hell, this is what I’m feeling, this is my blog, so it’s going on it.

Yeah. I feel like Han Chen only wants popularity and wants other people to do work for him.

Popularity = Grade rep, + executive.

Hell, I wouldn’t even have heard about him if it wasn’t for math9E, and back then I could see him actually focusing to do work.

Now, I just see him not caring and trying to get others to do it for him.

If you want to learn, suck it up and do the work. Having less than 8 hours of sleep is by no means an excuse to have other people do your work for you.

*I understand that I sometimes (the rate has bee increasing… =w=”) ask for notes/answers and do not try to digress the fact that I am a huge hypocrite for doing this.

What is said here, STAYS here.