I saw something today.

On the internet

On wordpress

On a blog.

The first thing I thought:

Oh my god. If this is about what I’m thinking it’s about…you bitch.


I never thought, you could be THIS stupid.

It might not be what I thought it was, but.

The context of it, with all the other hints and clues before and after, really gives it the impression that I’m right.

My god.

I need a new curse word to describe my shocked/annoyed/angry state.

I mean, he’s everything you need and want, and you’re going to pull that shit over him?

You bitch.

I hate having to internally censor everything, fuck. Having a post private is like not posting at all. I use WordPress to relieve stress, it’s like talking to someone. But making it private is just the same as thinking about it in my head. Password? Fuck no. My passwords are usually like “Sasdasgasjl”, and just for that, my next private post will have that as it’s password.

Sure, this has nothing to do with me, but I factored in your personality, and oh boy.

If you fuck this up….

I’m not talking to you.