spent 25~ minutes waiting in line. god damnit safeway. =w=”

god damnit starbucks.

the strawberry creme….reminds me of something that tasted bad, so i won’t be getting that anytime soon.

raspberry white chocolate mocha w/ caramel drizzle…sounds tasty.


summer trip to states. 8D!

well, it’s being planned.

hopefully i’ll get to go, same with shadvalley. want to check out those uni’s.

and i seriously need to kill off procrastination, and pull my grades up. I’d really REALLY like to get at least 6/7 on all my IB courses next year. =w=”
and oh god eugene, my grammar is HORRIBLE. the sentence above took me 4 revisions. crap i’m dead tired.


tired, kick out of bed again, dinner w/ parents friend, and getting lectured on ap, sat and ib.

at a dinner.

with friends.

fml. fml.fml. fml. fml.