You know, it pains me to say this, but I really need to let it out now. I’ve thought and thought about this, until finally. I’ve come to a end. Bad timing yes, but I love ….

HAHAHAHA. i’m learning how to mislead people with just the title + the first 100~ characters.

because I find it fun. I’m sure not many others do, but I actually do.

Anyways. So today i had violin.

instead of concentrating (which i could, i was too sleepy), my thoughts wondered. mainly to thoughts related to the violin, just not the piece i was playing atm. jack, victor, rose and wayne were people that appeared. because they all play violin. victor, who quit after passing the grade i’m testing for. jack, b/c he tested for the same thing. rose because i remember listening to her list a,b,c +d (maybe not all, not that good memory. =w=) and wayne, who has been done for ages. =w=”

i started exploring deeper thoughts. everytime i went deeper, the more i screwed up. it was like 2 seconds of decent sounding, then an error. i swear, the teacher must have gotten pissed off LOL.

though self-realization is fun.

more fun than socials.


; )

anyways, the title is a reference that one will ever get! and i’m bring that fact to light just to annoying a certain someone.
maybe not just to annoy someone, but to solve insecurities, but thats a different story.

today, i’m somewhat happy.

not for myself, or anything i’ve done or achieved.

but for other people.

it’s weird.

yes, being happy for others is normal, but this case is kinda weird. weird enough to not be told on the public internet. =w=”

though to put it bluntly, i would like to know how it happened PLOX.

; )

anyways, we’re pretty distant now. it’s kinda awkward. well, not ‘kinda’ but EXTREMELY.

afterschool is something I DO NOT long for anymore. it’s just SO AWKWARD.

even though there’s nothing anymore, it’s just…awks.


i’m finally glad a certain two people became official. =w=”
it sure took a heck of a long time for it to happen, but it happened.

-shakes head in disapproval-
waiting a long time for the obvious to be 100% true. i am disappoint.


at least gossipers A&B will stfu now. actually no, now they’ll discuss what they do all the time. god f–king damnit. it’s so stupid. =w=”

anyways, SC2 = not stress reliever.
i suck, so it increases stress.

oh a fuck you rimm. let me frikin’ sell at night. i’d take that -4500 to that -5500. =w=” same with cog, i’d like my +1700, compared to just +700.


life frikin’ sucks.

eh, i’m just not cut out for high school life. well, more like high school educational and romantic life.

everything else is fine.

: )!

anyways, the hypothetical question appearing in my head is quite…awks LOL.

considering the person would never answer the question, or even answer ANY of my hypothetical questions.
I swear, she hates me. =w=” nothing that she says in response to ANY question (mostly serious) are actually answers.
it’s like “….no” =w=”
being high on drugs you don’t have isn’t an excuse either.


i can’t be serious with you if you’re not even serious. =w=