I’ve finally found/realized my escape:


More specifically, starcraft2.

The strategy and the clicking takes quite the tole on me. My fatigue level skyrockets when I have to micro past 60APM, and when my macro doesn’t rise up above 1k.

That brings me to my title:
What’s wrong with you.

I’ve finally found my escape, and found myself chuckling at Vanessa’s fail. (NO OFFENSE. D:) I was deep in analytical thought when it happened.


“Oh, I have an msn message oh my god i’m not answering that.”

Thanks dear.

I’ve just gotten over you, and stopped thinking about you.

and bam.

you’ve just ruined it.

thanks dear.

You should really take hints, no wonder you’re so damned innocent (used in a bad way here).
Learn to read when you’re obviously not wanted.