That’s all I’ve been having when i get home.

No, don’t think that way.


I swear, all I’ve been doing is practicing on AIs.

Going from very easy up to hard now.

And darn, is hard AI hard. Though Very Hard….@_@

I’d play some ladder, but I’m too afraid on my parents walking onto me playing, and having to pause/lose a game because I’m going to receive a 30 minute lecture and/or a wipe on my computer memory….

I’m so scared of having a computer wipe, I’m saving up to get a external harddisk, and back up literally EVERYTHING on there. I can copy/paste my C-Drive into one of those things, and it still would have lots of space left.

Also, while I’m at it.

Your logic does not make sense to me. To not have fun and enjoyment during my youth and instead spend it learning and working hard, so I can have a better future, and then have fun then.

Well, I’m pretty sure by the time I finish secondary, the first thing you’ll want me to do is get into a good university. Then probably a double major, followed up with masters in both, and maybe even a PhD in one/both. By the time your first half of the first part of your plan is complete, I’ll be around…26? 26 with no work experience, only some pieces of paper that indicate i’ve spent more time then others in the library/writing essays. PhDs don’t even matter that much anymore… Really. The difference between a PhD student and a undergrad student is that one is more ‘achieving’ and the other is more ‘realistic’. And yes, I just compared PhDs to Undergrad, and made it seem that Undergrad was better.

Because in those few years you spend doing Masters/PhD, you waste getting work experience, meeting people, building relationships (not necessarily romantic ones =w=”) and actually living life. Yes, studying and learning is a form of life, but to me, not really the best way to use 4 years.

Get good grades to get into a good University to double major and then do Masters and then PhD.

Just so you get those extra pieces of paper that state you are a PhD graduate.

To finishing part one of your plan, I’d need to make money and settle myself down. That might take a few years.

Lets say I finish at 30.

I’ll be pretty old at 30.

Not much to do by yourself when your 30.

Okay not really, since theres more things available for 30 year olds, but the enjoyment of playing games, watching TV, just doing nothing, is slowly sapped away.

When we grow up, our ‘maturity’ goes up, and it usually removes the part of us that enjoyed the childish (SUBJECTIVE TERM) things we did and still do.

Things like annoying someone else, or just spending hours playing online, the fun of doing either decreases.

Darren is a prime example. He was 30 (i think), and had a job, successful; the plan you wanted me to do. But his level of enjoyment was mediocre at best. He spent most of his days working, and then in his last years, taking care of his mom and himself. The games he bought, Black&White 2, Diablo 2, starcraft; I still have them. I kept them in my drawer, hoping the one day actually play them openly in your company, and not get pulled aside to be lectured.

I’ve heard it one too many times for it to remain effective. At best, it’s just an annoying pest I ignore.

It’s like Allen, almost unbearable, and most likely the cause of my soon to come downfall.

By the way, Allen?

Or I, honest to the god I do not believe much in, will get very angry.

Like that time in grade 6.

Oh how I regretted that.

Wait no.

I still do.