Dad’s getting his phone upgrade soon.

Well, techinically his contract expired during March, but he was in China then. Then April rolls along, which is Tax season, which means both him and mom are busy like @#$%. By the way, Mom’s sleeping at the office today. Too much work, not enough time.

He’s at Telus, and doesn’t want a new plan, just a new phone.

Found out that certain Telus phones don’t need a Data plan (No data at all. Social networking included.) from the oh so helpful Jessica (not what you’re thinking =w=”). Apparently Telus now hires people to answer questions live using a laggy chat box. Not bad though.

“Jessica: You can get a Voice plan only with some of our Smartphones for a 3 year term like the INQ Chat, LG Cookie Plus, LG Optimus 7. LG Optimus One, LG Shine with Google, Motorola Charm, Motorola Defy, Nokia E71, Nokia E72, Samsung Advance, Samsung Galaxy Apollp, Samsung Rugby II.”

I saw Optimus 7 and DEFY, and stopped caring about the rest.

I’m trying my best to make him get either Optimus 7 (WINDOWS!!) or the DEFY (ANDRIODDD!). Probably 7, because the windows phone OS looks hot, and it’s free with 3 years contract, unlike the DEFY with 30 dollars on 3-year. Though it’s up to him, he doesn’t know anything about the new phones. Though when it comes to computers and tech, it’s a totally different story.

Unrelated, but is it wiser to spend 40$ on art supplies (PAINT, BRUSH, CANVAS [maybe not], 0.3 LEAD, WATERCOLOUR [need!]) or on starcraft 2/portal (portal = mind-blowingly fun. Starcraft 2 = mind-blowingly strategic). I’ll eventually get to play both of them, once these torrents start to work, but I want to play online…. That’s basically the only thing that I want when I buy a game. Online gameplay. =\

Or I could save that money to go get lessons with william and daniel LOL. Though we’d probably fail like bosses [idk], since those teachers are so hax. e_e