gosh darnit.

I converted myself into saying that, instead of god damnit.

the person I first heard it from, has found someone!

I feel excited….disturbing.

There’s nothing there, but it’s pretty fun to know about it.

ahh gosh darnit. =\

Memories, memories, memories.

Wouldn’t it suck to be that one person who remembers all the times he/she shared with his/her friends, but none of the previously mentioned friends remember that?
I died a bit when I thought of that.

I’ve been feeling like that for a while now.

being either hurt, or depressed because times I enjoyed and remembered, are times no one else can remember. Heck, almost no one (and i’m not exaggerating) can remember the memories I have stored away.

Another thing pestering me these days: people being nosy.

If someone doesn’t want to talk about something, they have a god damn reason not to tell you, so respect that.
EVERY day 2, I hear those two chatting about them. Fuck. Seriously guys? Is it really a life or death matter if you don’t know is _____ likes/does/feels _____?
Because you sure act like it.

I swear, gossip is the worst thing in the world, aside from the nastier stuff like rhape-murder, murder-suicide, and etcetera.

something i just remembered, we have urges for a reason. If you feel the need to do something, you probably should do it. Your brain works damned miracles, if you stop to think about feelings, and try to make coherent and logical thoughts out of them, you’re wasting your time.

Otherwise, shut up. I don’t want to here any excuse-like shit that comes out of your mouth.

By the way, your really hypocritical, and it drives me nuts.
you tell me i don’t do ____, but look at yourself, you don’t respond to jack shit. internet, real life, phone, text, or anything else. get real.
i’m not going to waste my time waiting.

sigh. i’m probably too tranquil for my own good. I almost lost my HL math slip because of it. Almost had my arms turn green/purple because of it, and almost embarassed myself because of it.

I can’t be borderline anymore, it’s either one or the other. I need to step up and make a choice, standing in the center is like standing around, worthless time waster.

I feel like pandora’s box. filled with negativity except a sliver of positive. Science dictates that more positive should be attracted to negativity, but sadly, science doesn’t make miracles happen.

Charlotte is too cute. Cuter than a cat. Slightly cuter than you. : )

Good night internet, sleep tight.