Not the edible kind, but the kind made by JVC that are IEMs.
IEM= In ear Module. Aka: in-ear canalphones.

20 is the limit for what I’d pay for headphones, considering other than on the way home and during car rides, I’m not going to be listening to any music.


My old sony iems are nice. They actually go INTO your ear, and doesn’t hurt like @#$%. That was something I liked about it. Also the long-short left-right ear piece wires are something I really like. They go behind your neck and I don’t have to worry about pulling them off while doing anything. And the longer wire is better for sharing with someone else, it’s easier to let them in on whatever your hearing without having to lean your head against theirs (which sometimes CAN be a good thing, but usually isn’t…).

Sony’s were a bit quiet, boomy bass, and muddy mids and highs. I don’t know the serial number for ’em, since the box was junked sometime ago… I may be no audiophile (that takes serious ear training…), but it’s pretty obvious the marshmallows were better. For $8, they are surprisingly good, beating the $20 sony ones (it’s only 8 dollars because it was $16 and 50% off). They’re louder (uses more electricity I’d assume), the bass is less boom and clearer mids. Though the bass is still quite boomy, it’s MUCH better than before. I don’t know about the sound stage, but it’s probably better than the sonys. Highs have the tendency to be really unclear. The mids are slightly better, but not by much.

Though one should keep in mind that these are stock headphones, with no burn-in (don’t hate me that I’m doing this BEFORE burn-in) or the Kamper mod to make the mids and highs clearer as well as a tighter bass. Also I’m comparing this to a sony earbud with over 150+ hours of burn-in.

Maybe with burn-in they’ll be much better, but I’m pretty pleased with stock ones too! I only wish that all of JVC’s headphones were this good when it comes to sound quality and pricing. Sigh, only can dream though. Dream about a day where all the amazingly cheap and good sound/build quality headphones are sold in stores, online shopping is too risky for me. =\

Oh and, the defualt tips they come with, their ‘memory foam’, are foam tips, that are hard and kinda plastic feeling. When squished down, they reform almost immediately. You’d need to be fast to stick them in your ear… =\ Though with time it wears off so it’s not that bad. Though the plastic feeling starts to itch after maybe about an hour or so. I still like silicone ones better, they don’t hurt.

I wish I had the ears of an audiophile, damn those people are beast. =\