Through today.

First block = accounting quiz = busily scrambling around for answers.

No one had good ones.

Quiz appears, and we hand it in


out of


my god.

I’ve never failed a quiz in any course this bad (excluding first math quiz, i didn’t even know what was going on).

First thought.

Oh shit I didn’t copy answers.

Second thought.

Oh wait screw that. =w=”

I really was thinking of just being ‘meh’, and letting them fail.
Now I feel like an asshole.

Aaron, if you buy that iPad, we’re not talking to you anymore.

No one uses an iShowOffPad for SCHOOL WORK.

16GB does not suffice. even without games/music/anything.

your 16GB of storage will NOT NOTNOTNONTNOT be enough. You still need to include your program’s space too.


9 frames per second, oh god I laugh.
Saddest thing I saw today (11/25 quiz was experience, not sight-seeing).





30 minute map drawing tiam.
T’was easy (though we just had to draw map and label some countries).
so I labeled like 7 and went to sleep…
Woke up 20 minutes later to realize it was label as much as you can.
filled as much as I could in next 2 minutes. =w=”

I’m still slightly pleased I got Eritrea. I love you socials9.
4 people got Fiji, lolwts.
And no, Burkina Faso is not important enough to be labeled LOL.

I regret not labeling more…Greece, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Iran, Iraq, Botswana, Congo, Republic of Congo (lol theres two), Ghana, Malawi, Argentina, Taiwan, North/South Korea instead of just Korea, Mongolia, Ireland, Norway, MALTA (IMPORTANTTT!!!!), Zimbabwe, South African and Central Africa. =w=”

Could have gotten 40~. instead of my measly 21. Oh how I hope this doesn’t count for ‘marks’. Or anything that’s more than just “oh lol 21.”

Got home…I laid on my bed…and fell asleep. Dreamed of something relating to people having certain attributes to use certain machines (?). It’s really unclear but seemed to be realistic enough that I kept getting it mixed with real life… @_@

anyways, need sleep. sleeping nao.

and happy 6th birthday mushroom~ ! Hope for a prosperous future 4 years, so I can look back and regret all the time I wasted with you.

oh and, I expected too much from a 1/60 NG (NO GRADEEEE!) Exia… The head was such a good build that I assumed the rest would be equally flawless… I was wrong. =\

cockpit, HUGE HUGE HUGE! Seamlines, crap stickers, literally just 2 parts to form the chest (plus colour parts), bad nub placement, and how everything is a ‘CLICK’ fit. *sigh*