Actually no. I hate this entire month.

It’s workload month.

And it’s not even from school.

It’s from home.

And it’s not even home-homwork.

It’s just general slave labour.

Filing, cheque ordering, receipt ordering, making folders, printing name tags, answering calls, and shredding the 100 feet tall pile of waste paper.

No time for anything.

I got home at 10:15.

Hockey game (didn’t watch it) until 10:30.

Parents HAD to eat cake. (10:45)

Started thinking about English essay (11:00)

Manga (11:10)

Started Accounting (11:40)

Realized my ledger just deleted itself…AND SAVED (11:42)

RQ’d and went to shower… >_> (now)

Will come back and finish this shit at 3am (3:00am)

will sleep. (3:30am)


Chances are i’ll predict right. =w=