Been AGES since I last visited central branch. Oh how I missed the plethora of books, and how annoyingly painful it is to find one book in all that messed up call#s. I hate it when people just take books out, and place them randomly. I’m going to be looking for that book in the 971.2 section, but you put it in the 971.0 section, so how the hell am I suppose to find that?!
i literally spent the first hour or so looking for about 8 books.

I only found 2.
They were suppose to be checked in.
And not in the storage area.
And not being used by someone else.


THIS IS WHY HUGE LIBRARIES ARE RUINED! Everything is mixed up and you literally will not find anything.

anyohter reason I stopped loving the library.

I feel like reminiscence on the times where I used to be a bookworm with Wei.
Yes, WEI.

He doesn’t look like a bookworm anymore, but damn, he was crazy back then. 500 page book in a day. Sometimes he would read 2.

I always wondered how he finished homework AND read that much, until I saw his report card by accident. Obviously he didn’t have enough time for both reading and homework, so one is obviously cut.
It’s not hard to figure the rest out yourself.

Sigh. I need to reread Red Wall, and some other books I can’t remember at the moment.

And boy do I want a early dismissal, so I can head over to DLG to see if my old librarian is still there. She was awesome!

I can’t remember her name though. e_e