Has been ruined beyond repair.


Seriously? Playing a CHILDREN’S CARD GAME (which by the way, has a worldwide tournament every year) while riding a cool look motorcycle/bike/thing ? Sense is not made.

I don’t understand. Sure, it’s a good way to attract kids, with cool bikes and a card game at once, but seriously? Have some criticism! Playing cards while riding a bike at every high speeds and maneuvering on a circuit is not the best kind of story.

Then comes the game I just beat.

2011 World championship: Over the Nexus.

I only played it because a friend recommended we play yugioh (she lives in toronto) online. I played story mode to get cards/money/parts so I could actually play online without being destroyed by everyone. But this story mode…is horrible.

1. Bad graphics. Sure, it’s a DS game, but hell, those are the same horribly shaded ugly polygons I’ve seen since the DS was first released. No, scratch that, the first few games looked BETTER than this. There are some nice 3D effects, but you can’t really notice the details if the general thing is just…bleh.

2. STORYLINE! I’ve never watched 5D’s, so my knowledge of the storyline is limited to what the game shows, but if you want to attract kids into watching the anime and collecting the cards, the game (which costs significantly more money than boosters or TV cable) should at least be story accurate. Unless, of course, the story of 5D’s is just as horrible and lacking like the game. Misaki is a Duelist who is on your team (3 man team). She’s shy and doesn’t talk a lot, so you get the sense that she’s not really important. But she transforms into some android thing (which is not explained), gets on a cooler motorcycle and proclaims her reason for dueling is to protect you, the main character. That’s nice, protecting me and such, but can someone explain WHY? I mean, if you’re going to protect me, I expect to know WHY you’re doing this. Plus, I’d be very interested in your transformation thingy. Konami obviously fails to see plot holes or just general holes in their story.  More over, there are many things that are not explained, such as Yalstier (spelling) in general, this ‘blank card’ and Yusei and Jack’s cards, and just general story plot holes. Many things are too jagged, like the antagonist’s sudden change of heart (10 seconds ago he wanted you to die in the name of god, but 10 seconds later he says that god has nothing to do with you defeating everyone). Lots of things that could have been expanded, and make the game worth it’s 30 dollar price tag, but nope.

3.  THE AI. The AI is so damn SLOW! If it takes a computer a good 30 seconds to realize it has no cards in their hand and field and need to draw, then something is seriously wrong with your AI. Sure, an AI can’t be perfect, but the 30 second delay between each and every move sure pisses the hell out of the players.

The only good thing about the game was the music, which sounds quite good I must say, but there are sometimes when the music doesn’t fit the situation (the 2000LP mark soundtrack switch. It goes from normal music to happy music. keep in mind YOU’RE at 2000LP, not the other guy. not so happy if I do say so myself) .


Another reason to stay away from Yugioh. =w=