: D
When I say “Work in Slow Progress” I mean, “WIESPAPNGTBDBNM” which stands for ‘work in extremely slow progress and probably not going to be done by next month”


I’ve only got the head done. Panel lining and nub clean up. Screw painting, I’m too lazy for that. Though I don’t have grey to paint the outer rim of exia’s mask anyways, so bleh. B>Grey acrylic paint. Paying less than 3 dollars. e-e

Anyways, if I can, I’ll get the body done by tomorrow (not as in 2 hours from now, but when I decide to sleep). Once I try this new way to solve my current problem, I’ll start.

Though I highly doubt i’ll finish it. It’s like….20 steps long. And each step is 5 minutes of reading + 5 minutes of trying. Then the chance of screwing up and restarting.