I’m not reading it.

It seems WAY too boring to be interesting in the slightest. ._.

I’ll wikisummary it. Then the weekened before the essay, I’ll read it. sigh.

Always, time to wikisummary! Derp. I swear I have read a total of like -3 books this school year. minus a book for each one I sparknote/wikisummary and plus one for ever I actually read… e_e

Sigh. mabinogi’s flame horse looks cool…I guess. I assumed it would be headless Horseman’s horse, with he flaming mane and stuff. That would have been hot. /NOPUNINTENDED.

You make me mad, angry, and annoyed. I don’t even know why. I can’t think of a logically reason why I should be allowed to have these feelings towards you. Maybe it’s a phase? No idea, but I hope they either solidify soon, or just disappear. Because I hate hating on others for no reason, makes me feel like the guilty bitch.

Oh and you in the turqoise jacket, I’m not a “little mother fucking bitch”. Please learn not to somehow fucking block 5m worth of space with your friends. Please also learn to move when there are about 12 people asking you to move because your blocking the way. It seems more as if you’re the little mother fucking bitch. Grow up. To think you’re grade 11.

I feel like the cloud. Drifting away from everyone, unable to be held down, and does everything alone. There’s not a single friend I have that I would deem as someone I’d share all my secrets with. Even if you do it, don’t expect me to. It’s not fair trade, dear, it’s real life. Maybe I should learn cooking and that crap, living by myself seems promisingly boring. With others feels like a handicap. I swear, I can never bring myself to trust someone else. Hell, I can barely trust myself. Life sure looks hopeful for the fleeting cloud.

Maybe this is why I love clouds. And why the quote “It’s not because it is my pride, that I can’t give it up. But it is because I can’t give it up, that it is my pride.” means a lot. Same with “Jack of all trades, but a master of none.”

Sweet dreams.