Tax season.

Fuck it.

There’s enough work in the office to go around. Screw Career Prep, I bet I can get more work experience doing calculations, filing, making files and organizing those holycrap reciept/cheques/invoices/WHATEVER.

my god. these people spend more money then I’ve ever had on gas…in 4 months.

this work load + school = not good.

thank god for IRP being done.
do not thank god for birthday being one of the most high-stress days of tax season. the day where most of the late-tax filers come in and request they have their file done in the next 12 hours. fuck them. these people know no decency. just because you can pay, doesn’t mean you can give unreasonable demands. idiots.

april is the month i want to yell and scream the most. mom&dad are all high-tension. mom from overwork and stress in general from late-comers. dad from the impossible task of keeping in balance his OWN job, and helping my mom (basically almost a second accountant…e_e). then i always get punishment for everything. no matter how small or big. hell, it’s like everything is just waiting to blow. fucking house is a bomb, one that is set to explode the second someone touches it.

also, at 10:30pm. I have legitimately just gotten back home. and dinner is far from sight.
ggmore life. gg.

also. guys, seriously? aaron’s ‘party’ like over a week AFTER his birthday? smooth planning, smoooth. ==”
even better, no one but brandon (organizer) knows where the restaurant actually is, or it’s name. ._.
“richmond, shang-hai, close to lansdowne” does NOT cut it for directions. ‘close’ is a subjective word, it’s definition depends on the user.
and to make things worse, there must be at least 20 different shanghai restaurants ‘close’ to lansdowne. =w=”
back to rpro lol.