My interest in them compels me to finish them.

My hate for literary analysis compels me to burn them.

My love-hate relationship to books are becoming one-sided now, beyond belief.

Catherine would be surprised at this development.

Wuthering Heights, the first 3 letters expresses my honest opinion about the plot as a whole – quite confusing.

Jane Eyre – Eyre as in Air, air is oxygen, or what the birds can use to fly. does that represent freedom? Relates to Jane’s situation, is she living the life she wanted, the free life without restraints? or is her marriage to Rochester defying that.

In terms of a better romance, I think Jane Eyre is better. Though the love isn’t as evident as it is in Wuthering Heights, the twistedness of the latter makes it not a ‘romance story’ but a gothic or even graphic dark story.

They both have dark parts to their story, Jane Eyre – Rochester’s previous wife. Wuthering Heights – Heathcliff.

They scare me. I’m going to have nightmares now. q-q


Right now, I’m really scared. This is a time where I regret enjoying being alone, in somewhat of an isolation. Not being very close to any one person, but not being very distant to some.

That reminds me, it’s scary how one can walk by a friend that they have shared secrets with, and used to trust with all of one’s heart, so easily without even saying ‘Hi’. Friends grow distant with time, for some it takes longer, for others, it’s a week.

./not going to mention names.