is the biggest joke since the masturbation in the 3rd floor boys washroom.

I swear.

Harper denies literally, EVERYTHING.

Not cuts or tax raises,  when you need to get money from somewhere yo fuel his 43 billion military fund (30bil in fighter jets, 13 in prisons).
Cutting funds in Africa is a step forward to become an important international aid country.

Ignatieff is contradictory to what he does.

Calls Harper a liar and not-trust worth for he passes bills and does things in secret.
also says Harper shuts down everything he doesn’t like or can’t control.

Layton is just a troll. Seriously.

Remembers the good ‘ol days when Harper believed in what Layton believes in, but now harper has changed and he wonder what happened during that past 5-6 years.
Calls Ignatieff Harper’s best friend because he agreed everything Harper agreed on, and partnered up with Harper to block out foreign aid bills as well as health care bills by the NDP (though i have to say, if blocking a bill prevents your enemy to become the leader, I’d do that too).
Then goes on to question why Ignatieff betrays his ‘best friend’, and how we could trust a backstabber like him.

And Gilles is just there to fill in the space.

Questions Harper about his motives using statistics and figures made by reliable sources. Harper denies they exist. ._.
Basically he proves Harper wrong, but everyone ignores him.

And if the Green party was there, they’d just be like:

We’re the new best choice since all the other parties are really crappy.

Sigh, I never thought politics was such a joke. Even Jane Eyre is much more interesting.

The only one with actual logic would be the Block Quebecios in my opinion. They actually make  SENSE. From the debate at least. But they are the Block, they don’t accept anything that doesn’t go with their rules, which is basically just their own, therefore they’ll be against everyone unless theres some sort of coalition. NDP is quite alright, but Layton doesn’t have any points. He can bash and smash the other parties (Liberal and Conservative) with quite some skill, but fails to be able to tell us what THEY can do better, for all we know, they might as well do worse. The Liberals on the other hand scare me. After Paul Martin, Ignatieff never really had much of a chance, though they consistently placed above NDP (In BC’s provincial election at least) and they always seem to say something different from what they do. Doesn’t feel quite like a truthful government there, sorry. And finally Harper. He denies everything, from the truth, to the obvious, to common sense. It’s amazing how arrogant one can be if they believe they are right, and everyone else is wrong.

God, listening to an hour worth of this 2 hours bullcrap is just a pain. If there is anyone willing enough to watch this foul garbage, please be my guest

Politicians, how are they getting more than minimum wage is beyond me.


Future Prime Minister Woo, leader of the Scallop party.