I feel light. No restrictions, restraints – chains with 10 ton balls grasping and holding on to me – refusing to let go.

I never knew, that life could be this great. Spending the last 3 periods of my life, focused on you, has driven me crazy – forced off the plank.

More than just wanting freedom, the realization that dove straight into my head, was inspiring.

No, it was not inspiring. Truthful yet deceitful, caring yet despising – these thoughts swarmed in me, running around like a stampede.

I began to feel as I was becoming the embodiment of those characteristics, that they had wiped out my data file, and replaced it with theirs.

The unwavering stream of horrid data, filling me to the brim, and flooding my single , small room.

It didn’t take long to understand – you were flirtatious, distrustful, and a lair. Going around to other people, leading on their hopes, then smashing them with words of regret.

You regret not the actions you did, but you regret that they did not forgive you; for a broken heart does not forgive easily.

My faith wavered. I felt the hate, despair, and grief of past victims, warning me to pursue this path no longer.

I fought. Desperately trying to convey feelings that were less that truthful, I began to succumb to a vile state.

Shock. It comes with quite the impact.

My senses faded, there was no hope that I could be faithful, continue to adore you, or love you.

I lost.

To my surprise, I was not taken over, but the thought of you sent shivers down my spine (OVERUSED PHRASE =w=).

But, I began to realize, that they were right.

You were an evil being, sent from the pits of hell by the Devil himself. A being that knew only how to hurt and harm others.

I wasn’t going to be the next victim.

All I can say is that:

I, Kevin Wang,

do not sorrowfully regret,

to have to do the following action,

as I break the chain,

the connection,

the restraint,

and fly free –

free from your grasp,

your reach,

and your gaze.

With that, I thank you.

For I did enjoy the brief time that we had, the same way the mistakenly alive frog is dissected in Biology class.

This is not goodbye, it is just

À la prochaine.

(cookies for anyone who gets this reference!)

That 390 words above, took me (literally) 50 minutes to type.
50 minutes being a very subjective term, being one stuffed with procrastination and lack of inspiration.

Would anyone like to guess who this is about?

I’ll do whatever you want if you get it.
You’ll never get it anyways.