How you continue to disappoint me.

7.5 views? Really?

HALF a view? How do you do that?
Cut a person in half and have one half click the page?
Though in all seriousness, the computer wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between half a person clicking it, or a full person.

What if it’s clicked and the person doesn’t really view it?
Well my point still stands, the computer cannot tell what the viewer doesn’t, it just keeps track of how many times the link has been clicked/viewed.


I don’t know what kind of genius coding there was in order for it to be 7.5 views, but damn, wordpress’ glitches make me post. ._.

anyways, I’ve read 20 pages of Jane Eyre. Chapter 3!
It’s…boring still. Though there some parts that stand out to me as ‘mind blowing’ , but when I come back to review it, I don’t see how it was mind blowing at all.
Guess this is why I hate literary analysis…because i suck at it. =w=

Back to golden sun. =\