And my pressure load is going to hit it’s peak soon.


my god, I STILL haven’t read Jane Eyre.

I’ll TRY to read some tomorrow…@_@
At least the first hundred pages.



i sure do hope eyre affair is’ as boring as this.
because if it is… e_e

I’m so not getting an A in English this term.

I sent my notes to allan, though they were rushed… =\
I hope he CAN finish by weekend, and we get time to practice TOGETHER. not seperatly. =w=


Socials is okay i guess. Picard says he’ll teach us some stuff so we don’t fail our write up. And that’s exactly what I need, because to be frank, I didn’t learn crap from the studying, notes, and presentations (no offense to the presenters. Not that it was boring, i just don’t get it.)


-fan girl squeal-
It’s amazing. Even though making a good one takes fucking years, It’s fun as fuck.
It’s like being able to write your own story…only with serious limitations.
10 speech bars, each with about a 40~ (didn’t count) letter limit. =w= So my creativity is seriously restrained…and it’s just “-insert basic plot-” -fight- “-insert event that pushes plot forward, basically described- -fight again- and so on. =\
it’s much more fun then writing a story. I guess NaNoWriMo sounds so much more appealing now.

Ahhh, April Fools. So badly I wished to pull that joke on someone. But hell, that’s being a serious asshole to them. =\
‘ilu’ -insert response-  “april fools!”

Both results don’t seem so positive (Allen would totally bash me for this not having logical flow from the last point. But if you think about it, there would be.)  So ehhh…I guess I’ll wait. I mean, I want to try it ONE day… or even the desktop switch thing (SS desktop and save the picture as the background. then delete icons on desktop)…if i go to anyone’s house near april fools. olololoolololololol.


…i had something else i wanted to expand/talk about….but i forgot. =w=

short-term memory…. y u fail me?! ):

ahh…I guess i’ll post more stuff on DA soon. =\
death note sure looks like shit. and project A is coming along…REALLY slowly. e_e
this is why i’m not an artist.

night! (though I won’t actually sleep for the next 3hs probably…)

And dear, I end up at your page everytime i get on it. And then have no idea what to say, and just get off and pretend nothing happened. And it works!
Until I do it again. =w=