Other than Accounting, and PE, since Calder doesn’t actually give use scores based on CPR/Participation/Whatever. ._.


I’m so screwed.

english, 82. Science, 83. math, 79(not yet scaled, but 8x). Socials, probably 72-83, i really bombed the profiles. Holy crap. IS/Planning, currently getting a B in planning (impossible, right?) and 83 in IS. ._. French – 82.5 My mark didn’t even change. what the. Accounting – 90. Those 5 marks from some quiz gave me 2%, lol. PE – C+? Dunno, but Calder doesn’t even MARK us. I mean, she DOES take marks (once a blue moon) but it’s like she doesn’t use them. People who do well don’t get A’s, people who do poorly get A’s. ._. *coughseancough*.


what’s happening.

My average % for my homework is getting higher. This is a good thing, I mean, I would really like to continue procrastinating and improve that percent like it is going right now. But, my standards are increasing. I remember last year, 3rd term, I was happy that I had 82% in science (tang), now I’m really bummed that it’s 83%. Same with science fair, gr8 sci-fair = 54%. gr9 (w/ sean) = 83%(?) and this year was 73%. Way better than 54%. The only reason it was 83 in gr9 was because SEAN was doing the majority of the writing. Discussion, Conclusion, Analysis, Hypothesis. I did the other stuff. Experiment, Apparatus, and what he didn’t do. durr. Sigh, I’m glad I improved though.

But hell, my first 89%+ grade in AGES. last time I got over 89% was in band…and Math8. ._.

Sigh math8 99.8%. D: Stupid Claire and her 101.2%. I don’t even know how she kept it…I dropped my 100.5 soon after I got it. fffff.

That reminds me, my math is slipping.

21/29 on midterm? What the fuck?
It wasn’t even hard.

Allen has 26/29, Rene too. Even Aaron (brown guy, not pre-ib) had 23/29, and he’s failing math right now. Even Daniel (not DT, or the white one) has higher on mid-term. And I think he’s 49-51%.


I’m going to swear to myself, that if I don’t get into IB (Really want to now, I’m hating my reg. classes) I’ll ‘try’ my best to get straight A’s (other than PE of course, fucking impossible) 3rd term. Fuck.
Though I’m secretly hoping what Jack said was true, and begging can get you in. doubt it. =\

That reminds me.





Oh god, I don’t want to even show up on monday.

‘nyways, time to go.