Where do my priorities lie.

I wonder.

Because no matter how much i think about it, I have no idea where they lie.

Maybe they’re scattered. Some in every field. Evenly scattered too, making me the kind of person to get distracted by another thing as they are both equally interesting for me.

Sigh. Maybe I’m just trying to explain my addiction to finishing half-way. Never finishing it 100%.


Oh wait, sighing is bad.

And yeah, I already forgot, even though you told me yesterday. When are you coming again? no idea. eh.

I think it was Thursday? Don’t remember. blargh.

No baddy today because I felt horrible. Physically, not mentally. @_@

laughing was hard. When it started, it was hard to control.


….shush, I know sighing is bad.

I don’t even understand why you go to Magee if you basically end up coming to Churchill every other day. Plus, you don’t even live in Magee catchment area, or in any of their programs.

And if they really do have a better commerce related courses, care to explain why you can’t take grade 11 courses in grade 9 or 10? Because apparently, the school that is lacking in commerce lets you do that. *coughcough*