I’m beginning to understand why people hate the ‘ghetto’ clothes.

My t-shirts are all big now. I don’t even know how the hell that’s possible, having t-shirts that are big on you…after 3 years of wearing them.

I have a sweater craving right now. Hell, I’d even say I have a craving for clothing right now. I think I could probably tolerate, or even ENJOY, shopping for clothes at those ‘brand name’ stores at RC/Oakridge/Metro.

Seriously. I think something hit me on the head a bit too hard, and a screw was knocked loose.


I guess that violin quote thing works for pretty much everything now.

Better to have a smaller violin that a violin you can’t even hold.

The sweater is big… the t-shirt is big…the bloody jacket is too.


On a topic not related to clothing, Pan&Lorna. <3
Very amazing.

French test. Blargh.
Hope it really is as easy as people say it is…then I won’t have to worry about my french mark…that much.

That reminds me. What I have this term, grade wise.
Every course: B
No wait, PE: C+.

Because Calder doesn’t even mark, she just looks at your face and thinks “I remember you = C+. I like you = B.  ????? = A”
If she doesn’t remember your face, you won’t even get a mark.

I hate how she marks. I’d take Pears again over Calder, any day.


Good night world.
Have fun studying for math. =\