that is my fail titling skills at work there.

FRENCH = 83.3%

I am uncontrollably happy about that.

Yes, not an A. Yes, it’s close to an A. Yes, my CV will drop that mark down a bit, but screw that, I’m PASSING.

Failed writing test. Failed imparfait test. ALMOST failed listening test.

and I’m still passing.

With 83%.


Ziakos is god’s reincarnation in teacher form. Though she recommended me to go to Alliance Francias. Screw that ‘yo. I couldn’t be bothered to think for my French’s future. All I know is that, I’m passing and I’m damned happy about it.

Though I’m not that pleased it’s not an A.
But don’t expect too much out of life, or else it’ll come from the back to stab you. AND YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT POSITIVE THINGS IN LIFEEE!

Current positive thing: it’s only 10:26 & i’m almost done planning and finishing off applications 1&2.

NOT POSITIVE THING: Science project thingy, math test (12/25) & English homework.


: D!

-not getting A in science, not getting A in english, not getting A in socials, not getting A in french, not getting A in Math, not getting A’s at all-

Suddenly, the negatives are overwhelming my lackluster positive spirit, which can hold for about 10 more minutes before caving in to pessimism.

Better enjoy it while I can.