How do you explain this in the smallest amount of words possible…hm, that should be a SAT question LOL.

Basically, school has some kind of game. you get rid of the other team (GROUPS, NOT SOLO. You can though), by get rid I mean kill/immobilized/unconscious, and try to be the last team left.

you spilt into teams by following a leader. leaders are pre-determined.

well, guess what, system malfunctions and EVERY SINGLE GIRL in the school is now a leader.

most of the guys teamed up with the popular girls or the ones they liked.

for some random reason (okay not really random) i decide ‘screw it, i’ll be a loner’ since you’re allowed. and you have to be following a leader to be legible to win, therefore no one bothers to ‘remove’ the loners. also, leaders have to have at least one person following them to be legible.

obviously you see what happens here.

friend vs friend, backstabbing, betrayal, alliances, enemies, bribery, lies, deceit, and plans.

how fun.

I didn’t dream long enough to see who won, probably didn’t want to either.

long story short, I was loner for almost entire game, watching other people take down one another(which seems normal since i don’t like to participate -glares@ferrario-). I end up joining some small group of 3 people, excluding leader, who I shall avoid mentioning to save me grief.

Did I mention the leader doesn’t have to accept you being their follower for you to form a team? As long as the follower says ‘i will follow ____ order’s’ they become a follower.
doesn’t that create more plots to create.

bribe loner to join group, have loner kill off group members (unaware he’s a group member), kill loner when all done.

more betrayal.


I dislike how my dream seems to purposely show the ugly side of human instinct. “betray to succeed” sounds like some kind of horribly cliche anime/manga.

maybe i’ll write a NaNoWriMo on this idea next year.

or during the summer.



iirc, sean goes to follow…iris. wtf. o3o no idea where yuchen went… jimmy went with sharon, rene did too. allen… i think joined rose? my memory is foggy, too much stuff happened today.

i do remember cory’s group being taken out quite early on. by aaron’s group ironically.

oh and.

weapons were anything.

guns, bombs, bows, daggers, axe, sword, whip, chain&ball, reflecting shield, corrupting book; literally anything.

loner were given 2 of any kind of weapons and a pin to read thoughts. 1 person per 15 minutes. # of people can stack up. say ‘count number’ to reveal amount of uses stocked up.

leaders had some sort of badge to let everyone know their leader, a weapon of choice, an armour of choice and a ring (like LOTR’s one ring) that grants then invisibility for 15 seconds. cool down of about…a minute.

followers got basic crap: any modern gun, any kind of close range weapon and a card that would send out a telepathic signal to all other followers under your leader. also sent to leader.

when loners become followers, they retain the pin (if there are more than 4 uses stocked up) and one of their weapons. they still get thier card, and a melee of choice.

though not everyone can be a loner.

to be a loner, you have to start out being at least 20m away from any leader, as well as not being asked by a follower/leader to join them.

if one of the above happens to you, you have to find a leader and join her before end of the first day (one year time limit) or you will be killed.

oh yeah.

some kind of error happened with the game, and some items were spawned in random areas.

they were either: dagger that extends 10m and shrinks back in 0.01 seconds, a gun w/ inf ammo, LoZ’s mirror shield, only it’s more of a force field, phoenix down (ressurects dead players), invisibility cloak (harry potter style) with no cool down, a though reading pin w. inf uses and gold coin.

gold coin is pure gold btw. and theres only one of each item. except for pheonix downs, there were around 20 of those.

resurrecting a leader revives her followers too. but followers will no longer be able to pick up the rare items mentioned above, called SPX.


i wish that dream was a kind of game.

or book

or movie.

or manga

or an actual event at school.

oh yeah and

something romantic happened near the end of the dream.

i was aiming for the leader, but a follower saw (WILL NOT MENTION NAME TO SPARE ME PAIN) and jumped in front of bullet. romantic cliche parting words appear, and obviously leader confesses as well, and become lovers for 10 seconds before follower dies. I’ll mention the leader was vania though. i swear i don’t hate vania enough to kill her. o3o dreams do weird stuff kay?


i should type up the dream when i wake up from sleep.

and maybe after french too.