So yeah.

Positive attitude really does matter. So does positive thinking.

Everyone thinks being a janitor really sucks. Especially at a school or at a huge supermarket (eg: T&T). Well, apparently it doesn’t. Well, being one at T&T isn’t, at least to my mom’s friend. Whenever she goes to clean the baskets of rotten/broken cabbage bits, she thinks that she’s collecting money. $15/hour . Sweeping money, suddenly being a janitor doesn’t seem all that bad. Also, T&T plays music. She thinks the quality is good enough that she can pretend that she’s at a concert, listening to the band/singer perform that certain song. Best of all, it’s free. Screw paying that $40+ ticket, she can listening to it not for free, but getting paid. Moreover, employees are allowed to SING along to the music. Just make sure you’re not too loud. Way cheaper than going to karaoke. Sweeping money, free concerts and free karaoke, suddenly the horrid job that is a janitor has become amazingly attractive.

Positive thinking can go a long way.