You also have a tendency to perceive life pessimistically.

Kivanc, I hope I have made you proud.

“if an INTP seems incapable of love to you perhaps its because you are not indulging said INTP in the notion that love is something that can be continually discovered, analyzed, appreciated and proved true over and over yet each in a different and spectacular way- thriving on continuous and often incessant understanding; when something that’s so inconceivable at times- such as love, in its many intricate and beautiful layers- is summoned to truth, it would be erroneous on all counts to presume not realizing is even an option. too obvious an answer anon to presume such simple explanation.”

“INTP’s dont act because they are not in the habit of making decisions base on feeling or emotion. Also if they are like myself they are uncertain of starting a relationship based on feeling or emotion since nearly all previous relationships werr base on intelligence.”

“INTP’s are very capable of falling in love…though I have yet to do it (which is okay because I’m only 16). I strongly identify with the INTP hidden agenda (to love), but my problem is that I insist on waiting for someone else to make the first move. I want love more than anything, but I’m also not willing to go after a cheap immitation of it. I have high standards, and it’s just a matter of finding someone who I’m willing to give myself to (which could take forever, but I’m willing to wait). As for recognizing love, I would recognize it in an instant. I always know what’s going on inside myself, and something as powerful as love would never be able to go unnoticed.”

“As A12 said, an INTP in love would instantly realise it. However as with most situations outside a debate, an INTP can be rather ‘mysterious’ or secretive about it at first. If they do find themselves in love, it can be quite intense to the INTP (though not necessarily apparent to others) and they are quite loyal and intimate partners. However because of the INTP’s vivid imagination, reality can appear rather dull and uninteresting”

“Love can’t be fully understood through analysis. No wonder so many INTps think it doesn’t exist or are incapable of it. Just to be clear I’m talking about platonic love, not romantic love.”

FAQ…I love and hate you at once. You have solved my life problem right now.