Why do people ask the teacher questions (okay, they aren’t QUESTIONS, but it’s question period) that say something like:

“Uhm I thought that this was actually that, so like yeah, and i got it wrong.”

Okay, what the hell. Technically, that’s not a ‘question’. Nor is that really the kind of thing the whole class needs to know about, okay.

Because dear, we don’t live our lives wondering what you did or you want, okay? Just because you CAN and you WANT to tell the class about your misunderstanding, doesn’t mean the class WANTS or CARES about it. I mean, there are about 5 other kids who want to know something, can’t you just suck it up and just live WITHOUT the ‘fame’ and ‘popularity’ you supposedly get from a misunderstanding?

Get real.

^Something that annoys me OH SO much.