I actually do want to take IB arts.
I heard ‘Emily Carr’ and thought ‘HOLY SHIT SIGN ME UP’.
then I remembered there was film.
then I remembered there are marks based on how deep your portfolio is (thought-wise)
then I realized the horrible truth.

I didn’t have enough blocks.

Why must a second language be mandatory?
If you promote learning things you are passionate in, why FORCE students to take courses they might not enjoy at ALL?
Though I only not enjoy french because I’m crap at it, but I didn’t hate programming even though I sucked at it. Just that I quit because I’m not ever going to program again, tad bit to difficult, i’d say.


IB is amazing.
Freedom-wise…not so much.
But if i wanted the freedom and not the knowledge, I’d be sitting happily in a reg. class right now. Obviously not what I want.
Psychology. sounds, bloody amazing. sadly, quite a bit of punishment for something amazing. Though if you want anything good, you need to make sacrifices. =\
Civic 11…online. I don’t mind online courses, just that I might not be able to be online from ____ to ____ everyday. That’s why I hate online courses. It’s for marks, and it’s out of school hours. Sigh. Oh how I wish I didn’t suck so bad at french, then taking french wouldn’t be as bad. Hell, I’d even learn chinese (reading&writing) from scratch to not take french. I hate french. With a passion. And that’s not a passion I’d enjoy ignoring, because for all I can tell, I’m sure as heck not using it when I grow up. I’ll end up like that guy from xkcd (the one who forgot his french tenses) if i do french and graduate. That’s assuming I’ll get into IB next year and take french and not drop it when taking regular.

Oh, my gosh. I really want to take Chemistry. I don’t know why, or what, but Chemistry looks VERY appealing to me right now. I’m not even that good at Chemistry, 87% in science is not a sign that I’m good at Chemistry. Especially since the entire 1st term was like chemistry. Someone should slap me for forgetting that the prefixes only go to the covalent compounds. Argh. I sure hope science fair doesn’t kill my prospects of getting an A this term…=\

Physics. Sigh. Since starting math11, I’ve realized something.

Math. Is. Boring.
It’s not even fun. Interesting, or slightly worthwhile (other than marks+knowledge). Almost every (okay, it is every class but shush) class I find myself lying on my desk half asleep for at least 30-40 minutes of the class. And I’m STILL doing better than about 85-90% of my class. Then again, my class is literally full of failing grade 11s. Sigh. And I want to take HL math too, I wonder how I’ll pass that entrance exam, or survive the course. Maybe I should’ve opted for SL last year and not feel tempted to switch to 11e to be with friends…How would I know IS/Planning + accounting combo would destroy those chances. Still glad I took accounting though.

Back to physics.

I’ve discovered that math is boring as heck, and Physics is just math with more formulas and more memorizing. That’s not very appealing. Especially if Motion is the unit that’s destroying me right now in Science. I still wonder why people ask me about science right now. I’m probably going to blow that quiz we took. Another 75%. How fun would that be. It would be worse to see the people I ‘helped’ get 90%. That’s just iron at it’s worst (for me) right there. =\


Disection? count me out. Not even SLIGHTLY interested in cutting anything open. Just cutting raw meat for my science fair (zero courage, I know) was bad enough. Actually, it wasn’t that bad, just trying to emphasize my dislike for dissection. I still remember grade8 dissection…nasty little experience I had there. Though I think i can tolerate that now. But I still remember the dead frogs there, that Ms.Smedley said was for Bio11s to dissect. Will not be there.


Fun times. And I’m not even being sarcastic. Maybe it’s because I’ve been getting decent marks in English nowadays. It started last year when Hauck gave me 85% 3rd time. What the hell, yo. That’s not even remotely funny. Damn hauck. But Arnold is really nice. First writing homework, she says ‘You have a good style there’. I was shocked. I’ve never had an english teacher say my writing was good. Bea cause it usually was crap, that I agree with. Even Ms.Deschner (summer school) gave me C+/B’s for my english assignments. Then again, maybe it was because I was BS-ing all my crap because my table mates were assholes and really fun to talk to. Though I would rather not talk to them (not my kind of ideal friends, but meh), it wasn’t that bad of a time I had there. Okay anyways, my looking forward for English is really creeping me out, because I’ve never enjoyed it before, but now I am.

Side note.

I hate socials. Worst class ever. Seriously, I hate it. Not because it’s boring or I’m doing bad, but it’s not the same kind of feeling I had in gr8&9, when I actually enjoyed socials. Even the in-class essays weren’t horrible. But this year….sigh. Maybe that enjoyment decided it enough was enough and swapped itself for english. I’m kinda glad it did. Though I miss enjoying socials. =\

I want to take English HL next year. English is one of those SL/HL mixed courses, so I’m find if I decide to switch out for SL. ChemHL is a definite. And MathHL if I can get in. If not…I’ll do PsychologyHL. Though I’d want to do eng, chem, math and psych HL, I can’t since I’m only restricted to 3 HL’s. =\ At least french and Physics are definite SL’s. Unless I swap physics for Art….=\ blah. I really want to do art now, I kind of ended up talking myself into it…sigh. But unless french is a dropable course, no art for me. Damn TOK for taking up my other elective. Though, I probably wouldn’t have used it to take Art, but probably like bio or something so I wouldn’t have to do it during summer….



Not like I really have a place to spend the money, but the work experience will be awesome.

Except for the fact.

I’ll be ‘supervising’ kids older than me. More fluent in Chinese than me, and most likely just completly differently from me.

And I’ll have to take pictures of them too.

And if you know me well enough (WHICH NO ONE DOES MWAH~ [ ; ) ] HAHAHA.), I like pictures of scenery…not really interested in the photography of 6 people squishing their face into a small screen and making peace signs… Which I know they will do. Maybe I need to learn to love photography of anything and everything. Sigh.

Word count: 1171. What the hell. I did not plan for this to be even remotely over 500… ._.

Maybe I should start to type blogs on wordpress, since I’m obviously more inclined to go over the 1k word essay mark on this thing. >_> if only blogspot had a wordcount tool, than life would be per(PURRR)fect. And yes, I’m trying to purr for no real reason.

If only I could write at this speed and with this much interest on essays.

like that social essay coming up. =\

NEW GOAL: learn pw.&memorize code.


=(10,5,4)_<(6,7,1)<(8,10,3)<(15,13,6)<(4,6,5)_<(20,6,1)<(9,24,18)(13,11,3)_<(6,4,0)<(6,1,2)<(9,16,6)<(8,12,1)<(8,5,4)<(62,62,121)<(1,1,1) Δ(1,1)

fuck is that hard to understand…even with the key. and it’s hard as shit to write.

Though if I had some kind of encryptor than I could type a blog with this…