Personality Profile For



Blimey you’re a logical old Hector. You think things through quite thoroughly, sometimes to the extent of being a bit of a boring old fart in fact. You’re fairly solid and reliable, though, which is a point in anyone’s favour. SUMMARY – Reliable, think things through before acting them out but a bit on the boring side. Loosen up (maaan).

Hmmm. That’s probably about right. You’re fairly ‘normal’.

If you chose the squiggly line then you’re always in a hurry. You get bored every eight pico-seconds and have to constantly find new challenges. You may be incredibly enthusiastic, but your ‘ants in your pants’ chopping and changing attitude to life means you’ll probably turn out to be a jack of all trades, master of none. You’re quite good fun at parties and you can put up quite a steady(ish) shelf (if called on to do so). Basically, you’re one of life’s ‘slightly useful’ people.

You’re quite open and honest, but can be introverted at times. Your father dominates you. You feel that your parents have quite a close relationship. When it comes to sex, you can’t get enough of it! The idea of having sex doesn’t faze you at all. Your sexual desire is normal compared to other ‘normal’ people, if you can find some. You’re a very emotional person, and you’re hard on the surface, but wibbly underneath. You have plenty of friends, but very few (if any) that you feel close to.