My other choice.

Yes, I did two at once. Because I was struck between certain choices

If you chose the circle then you’re a bit wet. All a bit emotional and wibbly round the edges. It’s the shape the bloke from Little House On The Prairie and Highway To Heaven would probably have chosen. Basically you’re a little bit of a sap. Quite ‘nice’ though.

You’re quite open and honest, but can be introverted at times. You might have pent up frustrations which you’ll need to vent sooner or later. Your father dominates you. You feel as if you’re caught in the middle of a battle between your parents. When it comes to sex, you can’t get enough of it! The idea of having sex doesn’t faze you at all. Your sexual desire is normal compared to other ‘normal’ people, if you can find some. You’re a very emotional person, and you’re hard on the surface, but wibbly underneath. You have a circle of friends, and are very close to a few of them.