no comment. (cont.)

Rush has too many black ops fanboys… and medal of honor…and mw2. ._.
eSpot is EPIK. pool, computer, AND ARCADE.

they need technika.
But taiko is pretty good.
So is gundam vs gundam.
Though I can only use sword impulse…
Or was that strike.

but…phone contract’s last day is tomorrow. ._.
Then i need to get a new plan.
Apparantly we’re going to fido for the next 2 years…
And I’m not getting a nice phone. )’:
Oh well, I’ll just get one of the nicer $0 ones. ):

Not like I was going to be able to get one in the beginning…
Why does my mom blow $1000 on 3 coach hand bags without thinking.
But won’t pay 100 for a phone. ) :

oh wells.
I guess my new phone will be just as neglected as my current one.