Here I am, one week later.

Any changes?

Am I lying?

Do you care at all?

Who am I?

Can you define yourself?

I will be me, as long as I can make my own decisions and abide my own set of standards and rules.

Who is your enemy?
How do you define enemy? There are no borders in this world.

What do you think about the world?
We are a corrupt world.

What do you think about life?
If life was a human being, he or she would be a legendary pokemon; rare, precious, useful, and all around amazing.

Now tell the truth.
…If “Life” was a human being, they would be the most wanted outlaw in the damned world; a bitch, a bastard, and overall, just a pain.

Do you treasure life?
Yes, of course. It’s just that there are sometimes where letting death take ‘life’ away seemed like little to pay to remove all my troubles.

Do you really believe that?
….Yes and no. My troubles would just end up with someone else, but death does seems…like a better option.

If you could kill yourself without feeling the pain, would you do it?

I repeat, if you could kill yourself without feeling the pain, would you do it?
… I…

Go on.
… I cannot decide.

That is not an option.
… I cannot decide.

I said, that is NOT an option.

Yes, or no.
… I cannot decide.

Fine, moving on.

There is a snake.

The snake is deadly.

It has entered the village in which you, your family and your loved ones live in.

Do you kill it? Or let it be.

I repeat, do you ki-.
I chase it away.

You can’t. The snake’s too vicious. It’s already killed many people.
… I chase it away.

It will bite you unless you kill it.
Go home! …Kill me…kill me now.

Why not kill the snake? Your mission is to get rid of it. Is this what you call loyalty?

What are you loyal to? Country? Ideology? Feelings?
I… I…
Go on?
I am loyal…to myself.