21 more days before this is started.


day 1- what do you think of your handwriting?
day 2- handwrite your tumblr name alongside your real name, take a pic
day 3- handwrite your favorite quote
day 4- handwrite your bestfriends name
day 5- do you prefer printing or handwriting? whats your opinion between the two
day 6- handwrite your favorite song/ song quote
day 7- handwrite whatever you want with a blue/red pen
day 8- handwrite your worst pet peeve
day 9- handwrite something that always catches your attention
day 10- handwrite all the websites you’re updated with.
day 11- handwrite your name using your left/right hand** opposite of what you normally use.
day 12- try writing about how your handwriting can define you or not
day 13- handwrite your tumblr crushes
day 14- handwrite “hello”
day 15- handwrite whatever you want and use different colored pens filling up the whole piece of paper or whatsoever * if you want

but handwriting seems fun. : )