…I have something to rant about.

But…I can’t seem to remember what so.

…It’s 2 am. I’m on msn. I’m still awake. I’m not doing homework/playing games/reading manga. But I’m somehow on spaces typing out something really, really retarded. I wonder why….maybe it’s because we’re shadows of reality. Reality being the things greater then ourselves. Reality forces us to do this, do that, which in turns, makes us question our motives, or pursuits and our goals. I have a simple goal, to make my own feelings organized. I only have very little, theres not that much there at all. But still, life throws me a curve ball, I everything is scrambled up. I have Alphabet soup in my textbook, Death in my clothing and music in my friends. This is the work of 42, the work or the higher ups, the gods and goddess, the work of….reality.

tl;dr I’m being a shabi because I’m up at 2am not doing anything, and I question why.

: )