Sometimes, life feels like a dream, a fairy tale. You think everything will be okay, but it isn’t, and it won’t be. You hope others understand the vague notions you give off, but they don’t. You believe that your parent’s know your personal preferences, and will break ethical traditions for you; but they don’t. You wish sometimes that your life would end, but it doesn’t. You scream, yell and cry. But no one cares. Sometimes, I wonder. Is this life actually "life"? It isn’t a nightmare which your having, that goes in deep detail? I wonder. When I wake up every morning, I check for proof. Proof that I did exist, that yesterday did happen, and everything is still the same. But, no matter how much you want it to stay the same, it can’t and it won’t. Thats just how the cookie crumbles, the rotting remains of the dead.