Who cares if this is abour 2-3 hours from my last one, it’s a different day! But really, who cares. :D
I’m only writing this before I forget all about this stupid argujement during lunch. It’s just like LOL.
Okay so, my mom’s cousin’s cousin came over today, and my grandparents had a Not so little "chat". When I say "chat", I mean a full scale arguement, with all the yelling name calling, and stupid remarks fly everywhere. LITERALLY! It was about my aunt’s cousin’s daughter’s marriage. Too funny. So much contradicting, so much that even Sean would get annoyed from saying "Oxymorom!" towards all the comments. Basically it works like this; you have to continue to shove your ideas down the opposition’s throat until they give up and swallow it. Seriously, it’s a cruel battle with lots and lots of non-stop ROFLING. 8D
Unless something big happens within the next 9 hours of my life, I’m not editing this. :D
D’oh! I AM going to have to rewrite this, to include JOKES LOL. :D
Okay, you know what Osama Bin Laden does right? Well, he spent a woman to bomb china. So drives there, but as soon as she gets there, she gets abused and sold. Seeing his plan fail, Osama sends two men this time. They take the train there, and they get off shortly without delay. But since Chinese train stops are known for thefts and pickpockets, the bombs get swiped from them while they consider where to bomb. Not wanting to give up, Osama sends for a man to bomb a populous bridge in Beijing, the man got LOST on the bridge because it was so hectic that he was stranded there for 2 wholes days before going mad and commiting suicide. In a desperate attemnpt, he sends one, finally man to bomb a coal mine. This time, the man was successful, and reported back. But after days without any news coverage they determined the man a liar, and killed him. The reason it wasn’t broadcasted? Thats because China has too many coal mine collapses that it would cover about 2 Province newspapers a day!