I should really start doing this at (CHINA) nighttime, but then it would be morning for Vancouver.
Usual day was usual, I LITERALLY sat in my room killing PSP batteries and computers for the entire day, as I am retrained from going outside. >.>
So yarr. Nothing interesting happened except for Chinese toliets are…ew. I completly forgot how bad they are; it’s just a hole, or pit if you will, that takes the feces and at the end of the day someone has to clean it all up for probably 100 bucks a month. Completly not worth it. D:!
I have a sudden urge to send a very big chain-mail to everyone on my contact list and ask "HAO R U DOIN’?". I’d probably woujldn’t live past the first week of school after though…=.
It’s only 3 weeks away from the release of Dissidia! 8D It looks great. Too bad it probably costs 50 bucks. Rather wait a year for PSP 3000’s v.5.50 firmware gets cracked instead. But if I do somehow get it, it would most likely require v.6+ firmware, and thats another 3 years off my life waiting. Not a good idea. D:! Why can’t PSP degrade their firmware?! D:
Okay, back to killing batteries. :D