I was PLANNING to make a blog yesterday when i arrived, but the internet wasn’t connected as my grandparents and computerly stupid. 8D
Think of a friking sauna. Then expand the suana to the size of New york, then times the population by 5, and add 20 times the air polution. What you get is Beijing. The first thing I noticed was that the airs heavy, and a friking thick ass fog was there, but it wasn’t fog, it was polution. No wonder Beijing doesn’t have very many FULL grown trees… >.>
I’m staying at my grandparents (mom’s side), it’s pretty boring. The computerS (yes, it’s PLURAL) are as slow as heck, the WiFi is SUPPOSEIVLY connected, but my PSP says otherwise. (It says that Wifi is the current dinosaurs; wiped out.) The laptops we brought are to be left here in China when we leave. That means I can’t install ANYTHING! No msn for me. ): Time to hit the good old e-buddy. (If it’s not blocked…>.>) 
Weeeh, I literally JUST found out that I have a marble stamp thingy with my Chinese name printed into it in Cursive chiense. Which OBVIUOSLY, I can’t read. Theres also about 3 pens made with my hair. o_O" Oh and these windows ban be opened normally and made to look like that it’s falling on you, scaring me to HELL. D:
OH AND GUESS WHAT! Blogspot.com is blocked because China wants to be a big fat jerk to me and make me use the laggy MSN’s profile as it probably loathes meh soul. D:
Well, time to get back to sitting somewhere killing mah PSP’s battery supply as ALL my games that I play have been blocked.
kaythxbye. :O