Bleh, when I type these things, it’s later afternoon where you guys are, but it’s friking 7am where I am.
These days are WEIRD. I seriously can’t seem to sleep more then friking 7 hours. I slept at 10, and woke up at 5. What. The. Heck.  Life seriously has a grudge against me.
I spent litertally 7 hours in my room, doing nothing. We’re not "suppose" to go to public areas for at least 3-4 days, kinda really sucks. And I don’t know why but, Youtube is also blocked by the Chinese internet thingy, but Nexon AMERICA isn’t. GOOD GOING CHINA. >.>
Well, my cousin wanted me to register a QQ number, as my old one got terminated from the lack of usage. xD I spent like 20 minutes filling out all the information. THey asked the most pointless questions like "Whats your sexuallity?" "What acolour is your hair?" "Your eyes?", you get the picture. So I submit it, and it says, "The stupid owner of this website doesn’t really care about it so he hasn’t felt like fixing the damn site in years, please try to buy one from e-bay. Oh wait, it’s blocked." Well, not really but thats what I saw. >.>
SOOOOOOO, time to spend MOAR hours in this little room of mine with a slow arse’d computer as my friend. That has everything blocked. Like e-buddy. ASHDKLJAH! Life. HAtes. My. Soul. D: