Yar-lo all. Yes, I, Kevin Wang is now Teh new Platypus King! This means he gets to go around, making weird things happen! And best of all, he gets to type in third person without any trouble! And just to inform you stalkers out there, he might be planning to move my current blog, Here Pl0x, to somewhere else….Teh Platypus reveals no secrets, unless they weren’t secrets. And you might as well, stalk down Sean [Here lulz], Winnie [Not secret is it now Eh?], Vanessa [lulwut?], Yuchen [SFG! xD], Yomi [Y U SO FORMAL?] And Sylvia’s [lulwut? x2. So yeah, happy stalking! :DDDDDDDD

Teh Platypus King,
-iRemember/ iPlatypus