Meh, no one better think I’m dead. Cuz if you did, I’m here to haunt you.
I decided to update some things since I don’t feel like doing my science fair proposal corrections. So here are the updates…I mean facts. :3
1. I have [ALMOST] quit Maple. =
2. I have stopped Msning alot.
3. 1 r h4/3 41|/|!!!111!!!ONE!1!
4. Talking like a noob makes me happy.
5. I hate My French, PE and Science class.
6. 6-8 More months to go with braces! Yeah, I know, thats basically the end of grade 8. =.=
7. Math 8 is boring.
8. Anyone remember a girl from Kindergarden? She’s in my math 9 class. [Wtf]
9. I have new headsets. :3
10. I has bucket, do you has bucket?
11. Click the "Sean is a nerd" button if you agree.
12. I have a prank up my sleeve for the next person whose house I go to. >:D
14. MY kids are all nerdy. [Lolz, please note that MY means Middle Years, I don’t have freakg kids. =.=]
Kay thats it.  You may run to your washroom and start washing your eyes for any mentalness chemicals that I have spared into your eyes. Don’t argue with me! JUST DO IT. D:<
Well thats it, for my daily homework blogs. =.= And please use this site for DLGers. No, DLG doesn’t stand for DickLess Guys Cory. =.=

The next person who tells me that DLG is stupid/gay/dumb, prepare for a serious beating on the head.

"Have you heard the joke where one car goes this one, and another one goes that way, and they crash? -Slaps both ways-"
iRemember when you weren’t a total whore.