Yeah, I know the title is totally misleading, but on a side note, I’m not dead yet. Or will I ever be. I mean…
You know what I hate about us humans? That we NEVER EVER look/talk at what good things happen to us. We only talk/look about bad things that happen to us. Like Angeline’s deleted blogs. To summarize what she typed "I hate my life and everyone around me think I’m a pile of worthless crap. So my life is worse than yours." Well you know what Angeline? Why don’t you think about what GOOD things happened in your life? Have you ever thought about your life in back at your homeland if you WEREN’T rich? have you ever even THOUGHT about the luckiness of being born in a rich family? You probably didn’t. If you did, you wouldn’t be here ranting about how much your life sucks. I could go on about how my life sucks. But if you really count all the bad thigns that happened to you compared to teh good things, you’d probably see that more good things happen to you than bad things. It seems like we only look at the bad things. Like during PE the other day, Harold went on aobut losing his 3rd Gen iPod Nano, but he didn’t say anything about getting a 4th Gen iPod Nano. I mean, which parents will buy thier kid another iPod right after they lose thier previous one? Not many.
Like you go around the school and you hear people going around like "Oh geez, I have a test tomorrow…" But you don’t hear them say "Yes, I’m goign to play outside all day, because I don’t have any homework!" The only way you MIGHT see some one actually said that is because that they are carefree or they just read somethign like this.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I do go around talkign about how much life sucks. EVERYONE does. No matter how smart tehy are, how social they are, or how cool they are, they ALWAYS TALK ABOUT WHAT BAD THINGS HAPPENED TO THEM. NOT THE GOOD THINGS.
Well thats going to end my short rant this time. I’m not goign to go all out and rant my weekend away. I’m goign to actually look at the good side, and live my life.
Learn it, Live it, Love it, and die with it. Thats how life should be.