Sorry to break it to you, But I’m NOT dead…well, not yet that is.
As much as I would LOVE to not talk about something, I’m forced to typing this because….Well you get the point.
This time I will be talgin about the losers on youtube who can type at 6310746019537846092584590205987260587 words per minute. Yeah, really lame hun? Well I was on youtube on day…and I had this weird urge to see how fast people type, So I seached it on youtube, And poof comes up a gazillion videos about how fast these people can type. so I clicked one, and the title was "200+ Wpm" And guess what I F-ing see? I see a keyboard with a guy, supposivly typinng at 200+ wpm. Well guess what, If the video is showing only hte keyboard, 99.99999999% of the time, this what thier doing.
Or, that will.
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You may open your eyes now. Yeah that basically what thier doing when the video is just shows the  keybaord.
As you konw, there are others that just show guess what? What thier mainly doing is the following…
1.They think of something really stuid to type. [Eg: Hahahah, I type faster than all you moron’s and don’t bother to say I’m not typgin this cuz i am and your just jealous nubs.]
2.They go to "Notepad" and type out the folloing sentence slowly, making sure there are no errors.
3. They record the typing.
4. Than they edit the video by making it fast forward so it looks liek thier typing EXTREMLY fast.
5. They post it on youtube.
6. They come back later in a week and see that they have over 1 million views and a ton of random crap comments. [Eg: OMG THATS SUCH A LIE NUB, EVEN I CAN TYO+PE FASTER THAN U WITHOUT FAST FOWARDING. (Or something like that)]
Yup, thats all they do. What a bunch of losers. Someone should tell them that they should just go buy a typing program and improve teh normal way.
Well thats all I’m gonna type in teh next few months [Hopefully] So intil than, Stfu, Get outa my house, and stay alive.