The list of songs I can never listen to again or else…noglastic visions. =
For the Nights – Hedley
Never Too Late – Hedley
How to Save A Life -The Fray
Toungue Tied – Faber Drive
When I’m With You – Faber Drive
Goodbye Yesterday – Mizrock
It Sucks To Be Me [Literally it does] – Avenue Q
Forever – Chris Brown
Or any songs that reminds me of…Grade 7. = Cheesy aint it? Well I don’t freaking care. I can’t listen to them. Or I’ll have a sudden urge to cry. If you say I’m emo, I’ll bitch slap you half way across the world. I can barley read my old conversations from msn now. = Life is so fucked up for me. Who here is gonna miss Grade 7? D;
List of Things not to do…
Read my msn convoes from before
Make origami roses and such
Thinking about my siloutte.
And etc.
Anyone else here gonna miss Grade 7? Elementray school memories will remain at DLG for life. Peace.