I personally think that God hates us all. Why? Let me list some things here…
As you all know, Allen like Yomis, but Yomi doesn’t like him. Thats kinda sad aint it? And guess what? They’re both in Churchill, This, makes Allen suffer more when he sees Yomi getting "taken" by someone else. Isn’t that just pure evil?
ALso, The rumors are true, Kevin C and Janice are "together" but for a happy couple, they are SPLIT apart. Janice to Magee and Kevin to Churcill. It’s liek a forced breakup.
And finally, Since DLG is in the catchment of TWO highschools, people will be sperated to other schools, spilting friends apart, and loved ones too.
Isn’t God a little unfair to us? I mean, what did WE ever do to God? God has his ways of hating us. And this is the WORST way or hating us, tearing us apart.
Since I are lazy, don’t fell like contineing and other reaosn, I shall leave it here.
Please Note: ケヴィン is my Japanese name, please do not ebe like ZOMGWTFBBQ or I shall be forced to use my Rolfknife! x]